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This is the first “Tomorrow’s News Today,” which is basically me staying up too late reading the New Zealand Herald (or, if I’m REALLY up too late, the BBC website) and wanting to share…

Background on this one… way back in summer of 2005, I found myself on the doorstep of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) where, among other things, I bought a nifty t-shirt and got caught up on issues of nuclear proliferation. This was kind of early in round one between IAEA and Mr. Ahmadinejad, and there was a lot to figure out, and our truly awesome IAEA hosts gave us continues to serve me well.

Iran sets date for inspection

Also, history class says democracy started here, and what’s not up for argument is beautiful landscapes and my eternal personal gratitude for introducing the world to gyros, so a little recognition never goes astray.

Heads of opposing dynasties trade places

Both potential fodder for future discussion, but for now, I’ve got an alarm set and want to get some sleep beforehand, so I’d better stop before I get started. Staying up too late is a long-term issue for me, so look for much more TNT coming up.


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Seems everyone’s taking a hit these days, if to slightly different degrees… This caught my eye, as I’d already been planning some posts on Dubai, which will be coming later (those of you reading this one now are ahead of the game).

Anyway, I’m not sure who’s the primary source on this article, so I’m listing both and you can choose which one to read.

Downsized Dubai?
Dubai’s ruler downsizes ambitions amid crisis

What’s to downsize? Dubai has used oil money for all kinds of architectural and engineering projects. See below for a few, though just a warning, the first one requires a head for heights…

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