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To me, travel is all about new air.

There’s that scent in the wind when you open the car door, pop the hatch, or step off the gangplank. There’s a change in the atmosphere. There’s that…

Well, I’ve been trying to think about it, but I can’t pinpoint a single moment or a single reason that this has become so important to me. As long as I can remember, there have been dreams of going new places. Maybe it part of it is living in 5 different states (Washington, Illinois, Alaska, Maryland, Kansas) before I started kindergarten.

Maybe it’s the fact that my family has managed to spread itself across the globe, even if no one manages to stay put very long. Maybe it’s all the episodes of Star Trek TNG that I watched curled up on the couch – whether or not I fell asleep before the end, I always saw the opening credits.

It’s more than one generation. My mom’s father hitchhiked across the country when he couldn’t find a job. My dad’s father hopped a boat to the Caribbean when faced with the same situation. Both of my parents tell stories of roadtrips and plane flights when they take my brother and I on our own family trips.

One thing that’s sure, no one ever warned me when I proudly clasped my stiff new passport in my teenage hands that this first adventure would be a gateway drug, a straight shot towards a serious addiction to the harder stuff.

The other thread that’s snaked its way through nearly every aspect of my life – writing. Again, I’ll pass the blame backwards, to the printers and storytellers on every family tree branch as far back as I can see. Put that all together and writing a travel blog seems the most obvious thing about myself. (Of course, as a journalism major, currently at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communicationsm there will be plenty of news in here too – that’s just unavoidable!)

This blog will cover physical trips – the drives, the flights, the boat rides, the walks and bike rides. It will also include memories, news and ideas – trips in time, information and knowledge.

What am I looking forward to?

In short: to boldly go…

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