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I think of process pictures as pictures that show how something is done or made, often everyday things, like Science Channel’s “How It’s Made.” They show the how, but also sometime the why, of everything from daily activities to events. They’re useful to people who just want to know how things are done, but also to people who want to learn a new skill (in my case, painting and building a patio!) or a new technique (for me, grilling kabob style).

The examples in this post are at the exceptionally NOT exotic location of my old house, but the practice became important. Documenting what we were working on there, I realized the importance of documenting these same kinds of things while traveling, which I’ll go into with the next post.

It can be as simple as before and after pictures, like these…

2009-02-27-#02-mini 2009-03-08-#03-mini
2009-04-18-#06-mini 2009-04-18-#22-mini

Or if you’re lucky enough to have the luxury of time, it can be a set of pictures built up over months. Here are the before pictures…

1987ish334 1987ish346 1991-09-#04

The during pictures…

2009-03-23-#03-mini 2009-05-20-#01-mini 2009-05-20-#03-mini
2009-05-20-#07-mini 2009-05-20-#08-mini 2009-06-09-#01-mini

And the after pictures…

2009-06-29-#10-mini 2009-06-29-#11-mini

Coming up in the next post: process pictures from trips.

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