Sedona, Arizona – A random afternoon road trip

On Tuesday, we drove north to Sedona. Finals ended last Friday, and I start a fellowship next Monday, so this was our opportunity to hit the road. It was large part break and small part assignment, to scope the city and the scenery for my mother who’s always been interested in going.

We saw beautiful scenery.

We met a group of interesting little birds.

On the way back, we discovered what difference light can make – the two sets photos below were taken in the same place, from slightly different angles and a little shutter speed tinkering on my part.

Overall, a great afternoon…

From Sedona, Arizona (May 2010)

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  1. Renee Morel’s avatar

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing them. The trees in the first photo are incredible – so tall and skinny! You have a great eye.


    1. rkzemansky’s avatar

      Thank you! :)


    2. Brittany’s avatar

      I love Sedona, my uncle and I went out there when I was 12 and got to do a jeep tour. Left Arizona with the desire to live there and own a jeep.


      1. rkzemansky’s avatar

        I totally understand – Arizona is a great place to have a jeep!! There are so many places to go… I misjudged my car’s clearance just last night, but luckily I was able to turn around, park, and walk the rest of the way to my destination – next time, will try to remember which vehicle I’m really driving!


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