Burj Khalifa fireworks

Tonight, the Burj Dubai opened, renamed as the Burj Khalifa. Many made it downtown to the event, including some of our team from ASU, and even more watched the event from all over the city including this group near the Mercato Shopping Mall in Jumeirah. But the event wasn’t just about a building opening – the 4th of January is 4th anniversary of Sheikh Mohammed becoming the ruler of Dubai – check out the last picture of the Burj al-Arab wishing him the best. A few more photos can be found by posters like nileshzw, who’s already linked photos to the Burj Khalifa’s location on Google Maps, as well as more coverage through Gulf News and Dubai City Guide.

If you look backwards at my blog, you’ll see why I’m visiting Dubai and some of the recent news I looked at before I came. I’ll be updating shortly on the trip so far – including how I ended up trying something completely new, spontaneous, and totally unexpected – so check back to see what’s been happening and what will happen next.

Also, while you’re here, tell me what you think about fireworks – what’s your favorite kind, favorite color, or favorite fireworks memory?

Burj Khalifa fireworks (January 2010)

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  1. Ryan’s avatar

    Impressive. I can’t wait to visit Dubai.


    1. rzemansky’s avatar

      Impressive is a good word for the evening, and for the whole city! Of places you’ve been so far, what’s your favorite?


    2. ekroeker’s avatar

      I heard of the celebration and fireworks on a lengthy report on BBC tonight. It sounds wonderful to have been there in person!

      I’ve never been a big fireworks fan, but I do like the big beautiful bursting ones. A year and a half ago, I was watching them in Butte, Montana, between lightning storms rolling through. The night after the big city fireworks, we went to a picnic with 1,000 or so people and the Obama family. That night, I went up on the side of the ridge marking the Continental Divide and looked down on the town with fireworks exploding into the air all through the valley. It was gorgeous and it seemed like the start of something new.


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