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Have been holed up at home this weekend with piles of work. At this rate I’ll hit the middle of the week with several completed projects and leads for the next batch.  In the meantime, I haven’t forgotten that I owe pictures (and posts in general) here.  In fact, I’ve even got a narrowed down pool for each category, and they should go up within the next day or two.  If I’m fantastically lucky, there’ll even be a few minutes of calm before and after.  Until then, I’ll have to remember calm from earlier times.  So, on that note…

As a good faith offering, here are a few images from where I am now. This place is still pretty new to me and, while it’s home for the moment, is the setting for an inner journey, one that has an undetermined destination – getting a new degree, I hope, will lead to new opportunities including a steady paycheck, but as anyone will tell you, that’s up in the air right now.

The American Southwest will also be the staging area for at least two trips that are coming up (let’s face it, funding will be a determinate factor in exactly how this all works out) but I’m really, really looking forward to some fresh terrain and new passport stamps… But I don’t like to jinx anything by talking too soon – I’ll post something just before I walk out the door to catch the bus or the plane, and then during and after. Plus, none of that will happen if I don’t get sleep at some point…

So… to start another jam-packed week… restful images from within walking distance…

2009-08-10-#50mini2009-08-22-#42*mini2009-08-10-#05 -crop


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